Mortgage Deposit – what you need to know as a First-Time Buyer

Mortgage Deposit – what you need to know as a First-Time Buyer

The following are the most common questions  we get asked by First-Time Buyers about the mortgage deposit.

What level of deposit does a First-Time Buyer need to show?
  • Minimum 10% of the purchase price
  • Legal fees (these can vary)
  • Stamp Duty (1% of the purchase price)
How much deposit do I need before applying for a mortgage?

We suggest holding off on applying for a mortgage until you are at most 2 – 3 months savings off the amount you need to show

How about gifted funds – can I include them?
  • All you will need is a gift letter signed when making the application
  • The gift funds can come at a later point in the process
  • Most lenders have their own gift forms, and most brokers will have a template form that is accepted by most lenders
What is a booking deposit?
  • This is an amount (typically €5,000 -€10,000) you are expected to pay to the estate agent in order for them to take the house off the market
  • It is fully refundable if you decide not to proceed with the purchase, up until you sign contracts!
What can my deposit include?
  • Your own built-up savings
  • Help to Buy Scheme (if purchasing a new build)
  • Gift (from a family member)
Can I use money from abroad?
  • You can have the money in a foreign bank account at the time of application
  • You will need to have moved these funds into an Irish bank account prior to receiving your Loan Offer and prior to signing contracts for the house purchase
What if I want to avail of the Help to Buy scheme?
  • You will need a copy of your HTB approval at the point of application so it is worth starting that process a little bit in advance of making your mortgage application.
What is a contract deposit?
  • 10% of the purchase price
  • Booking Deposit already paid forms part of this amount
  • Paid on signing of contracts
  • This is typically not refundable as, by this stage, you are contractually bound to purchase the property


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