We work with you to ensure that you have  life cover and income protection in the event of your plans being hit by unexpected events.

Life Cover

Considering the financial impact of premature death is uncomfortable!

At Finance One, our advisers offer practical guidance in relation to important decisions around the essential need for life cover; including how much is needed and for how long.

We appreciate that everyone is different and so offer a consultative process to identify clients’ specific financial protection needs.

Requirements may include Mortgage Protection to satisfy a lender, Family Life Cover to see loved ones retain their lifestyle, or a policy to protect benefactors from the tax charges associated with inheritance.

Finance One advisers explain different ways to position Life Cover in order to maximise tax efficiency, and can assist in delivering money from a policy to the chosen beneficiaries, using a Trust, where required.

Those with a medical history, or who enjoy parachuting at weekends, can find getting cover a challenge. At Finance One our broad knowledge ensures the best outcome for each individual client, tailored to their specific situation and needs.

Plans we advise on include:

  • Mortgage Protection
  • Family Protection
  • Asset Protection
  • Income on Death
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Inheritance Tax Planning
Income Protection

There is arguably no greater asset than the ability to earn money.

Your income provides financial independence, often supports a family, keeps a roof over your head, and helps build a pension for retirement.

At Finance One, we believe that this cover is an essential part of financial protection planning. It also has the added advantage of being eligible for tax relief at the policy holder’s marginal tax rate.

Before making a recommendation, Finance One advisers review the client’s earnings, savings, employer’ sick pay terms, pension aims and, of course, budget.

The right protection products ensure people have an income when they need it most, in the event of any unforeseen incapacity to meet financial commitments.

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