Where to go to get trusted investment advice?

The savings and investments landscape in Ireland has changed significantly in recent times with the unprecedented arrival of negative deposit rates.

The deposit interest outlook is not expected to change for at least the next three years and this creates a dilemma for deposit account holders faced with minimal or no return on their savings.

The alternative is to consider the vast number of investment products available through the life companies, banks and investment houses that have been offering ‘risk based’ investments for many years.

Tailored Investment Advice

Deciding how and where to invest a lump-sum is one of the most important financial decisions an individual can make. Finance One fully appreciates how hard it is to build up a nest egg in the first place, so investing wisely is of paramount importance.

Our investment advisors discuss clients’ personal circumstances, both family and financial, and agree goals for an investment and, most importantly, the level of risk and the term of the investment that is appropriate.

Once this is fully understood, Finance One makes a suitable recommendation before implementing the agreed investment plan. Once the plan is established, we commit to reviewing it on a regular basis, appropriate to the client.

Key benefits to clients are, as follows:

  • Finance One are impartial advisers. We give expert, independent investment advice.
  • The investments recommended are selected based on a suitability analysis of personal circumstances and risk appetite.
  • Access, through Finance One, to a range of low-risk investments such as deposit accounts, capital secure and partially secure structured investment bonds, and a broad range of risk-based fund portfolios.
  • Regular review by our experienced advisers of performance and continued relevance of the investment.
Our Investment Process

Fact find – Risk Analysis – Research – Present – Implement – Review

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