Pensions that are just right

Creating pensions that are right for for our clients is not that complicated, but it’s not always as straightforward as it seems either!

‘Having a pension’ can mean having any one, or more, of the following pension products, even though not all of these products might be suited to the individual’s situation.

  1. PRSA (Personal Retirement Savings Account)
  2. Personal Pension
  3. Occupational Pension
  4. Executive/ Director Pension
  5. Self-directed or Self-administered Pensions
  6. ARF/ AMRF (Approved (minimum) Retirement Fund)

A pension plan is a most important long-term lifetime savings plan, so it is essential that it is pro-actively managed.

With the pension landscape constantly evolving, Finance One recommends that pension products and investment strategy be continuously reviewed.

At Finance One, we create tailored pensions as follows

  • No-obligation reviews conducted to establish the income target in retirement
  • Explain and recommend the pension plan best suited to individual clients’ needs
  • We apply proven investment strategies to grow the value of funds
  • Client pensions are managed through agreed periodical reviews
  • Our advice is impartial
  • Our fee structure is transparent
  • Our pensions’ technical knowledge is excellent!

For anyone starting a pension or needing a comprehensive review of a current pension, the experienced financial advisers at Finance One provide impartial advice on the most appropriate pension products and potential fund growth.

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