Guide to House Purchase Costs in Ireland

Guide to House Purchase Costs in Ireland

The area of house purchase costs  is one where there is probably an under supply of accurate detail out there.

Here is a breakdown of costs you can expect on a home purchase based on a €400,000 house (although you should be able to establish the costs based on any purchase value from the below). It’s important that you budget these costs into your overall savings requirement. As you can see, they add up!


10% for a first-time buyer – so €40,000 for our €400,000 house

20% or €80,000 for a second time buyer

Stamp Duty €4,000

1% in the case of a secondhand home.

For new builds it is 1% of the ex-VAT price – so €3,460 stamp duty in the case of our new build €400,000 purchase.

There is no difference in stamp duty for first- or second-time buyers

Solicitor’s Fees €1,000-2,000 (plus VAT)

This is where you will see variance in the schedules of fees you receive from solicitors. All other elements of your quote should be the same/similar regardless of what solicitor you pick. You do often get what you pay for, and this is true when it comes to solicitors.

Make sure you go with someone you can trust, who has come recommended to you, or who has good reviews online.

Legal Outlay c. €1,100 to include

Land Registry fee* (€700)

Land Registry fee (Certified Copy Folio – €40) Land Registry Fee on Mortgage (€175) Search Fees (€150)

Commissioner for Oaths (€44)

Bank Valuation fee €150-185

Depending on lender

Final Valuation fee c. €75

Fee in the case of a new build or a do-er upper whereby you are borrowing in your mortgage to get the works done.

Structural Survey c. €400-500

In the case of a secondhand home. Not always mandatory, but always advised.

Snag List c. €350-450

Applies only n the case of a new build



*The Property Registration Authority (PRA) charge Land Registry Fees as follows:

€400 for properties up to €50,000

€600 for properties between €51,000 – €200,000

€700 for properties between €201,000 – €400,000

€800for properties worth more than €400,000



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