Life, Pensions & Employee Benefits

At Finance One Ltd we are all about you the client.  As an Impartial financial intermediary, we constantly strive to ensure we have the best possible range of services whatever your needs and whatever stage of life you are at. Click on the items below for more information.

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Employee Benefits

An attractive employee benefits package is proven to attract and retain key personnel. There are very few benefits that an employer can still fund for staff members without attracting Benefit in Kind. Finance One Ltd  employee benefits team concentrates on the three most important and tax-efficient benefits:

  • Retirement Funding
  • Death in Service
  • Disability Benefit

Retirement Planning

Pensions don’t have to be complicated - A pension is simply a long-term savings plan where your employees can build up a tax-free nest egg for retirement. It is the most tax-efficient means for an employer to remunerate directors and staff. As the state pension age gets pushed out to 68, the importance of retirement planning becomes even greater.

The main choice facing an employer is between an employer sponsored scheme and a group PRSA. Finance One Ltd will assist you to weigh up the merits of these options. In addition we will keep you informed of future developments such as auto-enrolment which is part of the government pension agenda. The main criteria for choosing the right pension scheme for your firm are:

  • Costs
  • Administration & Service
  • Trusteeship
  • Investment choice
  • Member Communication
  • As Impartial advisers we will research the entire market to give you the best possible options.

Death in Service

Your staff members are the most important asset of your business. A death of an employee is a major event not just for family but also for work colleagues. Most quality employers would provide Death in Service and it is a benefit that is appreciated by staff.
A death benefit of up to 4 times salary can be paid to members families completely tax-free. Being a member of a group scheme can save employees money as individual policies are much more expensive. In most cases there is no medical underwriting required. Finance One will research the market to get the cheapest possible price.

We recently saved a major retailer €20,000 on the renewal of their DIS scheme of 650 employees.

Disability Benefit

Employers can put a disability benefit policy in place for employees that cannot work due to illness or injury:

  • Your employee’s most important asset, their income is protected.
  • Benefit of up to 75% of salary.
  • Peace of mind for staff members.
  • Solves potentially difficult HR issues when a staff member becomes ill.
  • Directors not covered by state benefit. Greater need for group arrangement.

For further information please contact Heber O'Farrell,  Alan Fearon or Conor McAndrew  on 01-6471200